Monday, August 31, 2009

Interesting Quote: David Brody

Let me first say that the reason I decided to post this is to expose this guy as a looney. CNN and other media outlets have reported it so it has gained a decent amount of traction. You may say this guy isn't worth reporting on but The Brody File sees it as a moment to clarify the difference between true Bible believing Christians and crazies like Anderson. It should be noted that while there is an argument to be made against President Obama's policies on abortion and other matters, there just is no place for this type of talk. Not from the pulpit, pews or anywhere else for that matter. For people skeptical of Evangelical Christians, I post this story so you fully understand that you SHOULD NOT lump Steve Anderson into the group of Bible believing Christians. His message is absolutely empty of God's grace and mercy. God doesn't want pastors or anybody for that matter to pray for someone's death. God is looking to give people the free gift of eternal life and have people join him in His kingdom forever.


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