Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Newsweek Poll shows that Most of the GOP are Idiots

These poor people are uber-ridic. The majority of the GOP believe that President Barack Obama "sympathizes with the goals of Islamic fundamentalists who want to impose Islamic law around the world."

See a piece right here:
A full 14 percent of Republicans said that it was "definitely true" that Obama sympathized with the fundamentalists and wanted to impose Islamic law across the globe. An additional 38 percent said that it was probably true -- bringing the total percentage of believers to 52 percent. Only 33 percent of Republicans said that the "allegation" (as Newsweek put it) was "probably not true." Seven percent said it was "definitely not true." The rest (eight percent) either didn't know the answer or didn't read the question.

Fifty-nine percent of Republicans, for instance, said they believed the president favored "the interests of Muslims over other groups of Americans," while only 34 percent of said he had been "generally even handed" in his approach. In contrast, nine percent of Democrats said Obama favored "the interests of Muslims over other groups of Americans" while 82 percent of Democrats said he had been even-handed.

Who are these people? I feel like these people are not real. How can anyone be so lost? Goddess, what happened to our education system? Or better yet, what happened to common sense?



Blobby said...

Yeah - like the GOP isn't going blame THAT on the liberal media.

BosGuy said...

Yes, I agree with you. A person can disagree with Obama's politics, and I can have a coherent discussion with that individual (I do all the time with my parents). But how do you reason with someone who is inherently an idiot? Frightening to think they can legally vote.

Bob said...

It's simple praying on fear. The GOP--thanks Mehlman--did it in '04 with gay marriage as The Threat.
Now they're doing it again with Islam.

Stan said...

All's I can say is heaven help us all if they take over congress this fall!

Kyle said...

V, you are right it is uber-ridic. It's not really just stupidity though. Most of this sentiment is carefully fostered and groomed by conservative uber-elites. These ill informed, fearful people are just their pawns.

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