Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fidel Castro takes responsibility for the persecution of Gays in Cuba in the 1960

Fidel Castro has admitted that he is to blame for the persecution of Gays in Cuba in the 1960s, calling it "a great injustice."

Blabbeando has the translated info, but here's a piece:
- Who, then, was directly or indirectly responsible for not putting a stop to what was happening in Cuban society? The Party? Because the Communist Party of Cuba still does not 'explicitly' ban discrimination based on sexual orientation.
- No - says Fidel - If someone is responsible, it's me...
"It is true that at the time I could not take care of that issue... I found myself immersed, primarily, in the October Crisis [as the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 is known in the island], in war, on political matters..."
- But this became a serious and grave political problem, Comandante.
- Understood, understood ... We didn't know how to give it value ... systematic sabotages, armed attacks were happening all the time; we had so many problems, some terrible, problems of life or death - you know? - at we did not give it enough attention.

Please check out
Andrés's blog for more info

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SteveA said...

At least he's not denying the thruth! I guess that is a step in the right direction!

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