Monday, August 30, 2010

Question of the Day: True Blood Edition

More thrills and chills.

What's up with Sam?

We got witches.

And Eric... Eric.

So what do you think?


David Dust said...

I will miss Eric.

Joy said...

I don't want Eric to die! NOOOOO!!

Yeah, what is with Sam?

Ian (Darktomahawk) said...

I don't think they're gonna kill off Eric. Just like we thought Lafayette was dead,, Eric will make his way out of this. Besides, if they go along with the books (somewhat) he has a huge part to play yet...

I love what's in store with Lafayette speaking of him. Gave pause to wonder about Jesus though. I have my theories. Last night's episode really is leaning towards what I suspect. Hm...

Sam? WTF!

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