Friday, October 17, 2008

Joe The Faker

Joe the Plumber: America's man, the average Joe, heartthrob, well that' s my small plug, but I have to take it back. Joe isn't what we may think.

After he was splattered all through the debate and later given a mini press conference, the truth about Joe start leaking through the pipes.

He kept talking about how he will get hit with Obama's tax plan, well Joe would actually see a tax cut not a hike like Mr. Magoo said.

Then, Joe ain't no licensed plumber, in fact he's not recognized by the Local 50 of the United Association of Plumbers, Steamfitters and Service Mechanics, who endorsed Obama.

And he hasn't paid a portion of his state income taxes. This man's man owes money to the state.

Many believe that Joe is a plant. Especially after his mini press conference where he spat out about Obama's tax plan and his support for the war. Well he would, he's a Repub. However in their digging, the media found out that he can't buy that business he talked about.

So is this Joe for real or just another failed plan of McCain?



by Paisley said...

Sorry Wonder Man, but this is a bit too "conspiracy theory" for me. My best friend is a plumber and didn't need a license to plumb. The liscense was needed to own/run your own crew of plumbers so that YOU would be responsible for the proper training/future certification of employees.

This seems more like a case of Occam's Razor: McCain chose once again to be opportunistic about a moment that Obama barely even remembers. So, Joe being a fairly sharp guy is milking this to potentially get some high end investors in both his potentially famous entrepreneurialism and the momentarily high famousness.
Don't get me wrong, it's foolish, but it's human nature to be foolish (and I suppose a little plumb crazy)

Butch said...

Leave it to the republicans to create a paper hero.

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