Friday, October 24, 2008

Faux-Christians are among us!

Sometimes, if I believed, I think one of the Satan's greatest tricks is fooling Christians to judge and hate.

It's the biggest slap in the face, basically. How do I fool Christians? Make them think they're are just and completely right.

I can't believe these Christians don't realize what comes out of their mouths. It's so hateful and frightening, nowhere near the love or compassion they suppose to teach or promote.

What will it take for them to see how misleading they are? I know it's not all of them, but the worst ones have the loudest voices. If these Faux-Christians continue, less people will not take them seriously. And I'm sure that wasn't Jesus's plan.

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Butch said...

My goodness, just look at that crazed face.

I consider religion that people like herself have, a mental disease.

I do not like to make fun of people who are religious but I have been a non-believer, one could even say atheist, for many years and it is a person like this one that reaffirms my disbelief in religion.

If she were a true follower of Christ, she wouldn't be judging others, especially by what their name is or whether their church is a real one or not. Who left her in charge of those decisions? I wonder if she's actually ever read the Bible all the way through?! She needs to pray for herself, her own sins and for her own forgiveness. How pious and pompous she is. What does she say about McCain's adultry? I guess she gives him a pass on that one, eh? Does she even know how many commandments she has broken by her own words?

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