Saturday, October 25, 2008

McCain, there are others suffering out there!

Okay, although Joe the Plumber is kinda cute, he's getting on my nerves. And McCain is riding him as much as he can to reach the people. But he has forgot there are real people who really has it rough. And they can't even think about owning a business or a house for that matter.

I'm talking about Shaneka the single mother, Carlos the Janitor, Melba the school teacher, Jack the farmer, Tina working 2 jobs, and Robert the newly freed man from jail trying to change his life.

What about them, McCain? Did you forget about them? Joe ain't broke and he ain't suffering. Hell, there are silly ass folks raising money to pay his back taxes. How about raising money for the folks who need it. That's the real American way.


libhom said...

"Keating Five" McCain doesn't have compassion for any human suffering but his own.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for addressing McCain's completely ignoring the little guy at the bottom of the totem pole. The fact that he never mentioned them shows he is not interested in those votes nor will he do anything to help them should he become... can't say it. Also, I love your blog! Anyone who has Mahogany as one of their favourite movies is r-ite with me. You can check out my blof at: I would like to link to your site/blog and vice versa. Let me know. Peace

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