Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Identity Crisis

The Repubs are having a time trying to figure out their next step. Instead of going up, they've been running around in circles. Mostly because of Moose Mess and the civil war she kinda caused.

One side believes she killing the McCain machine, others believe she represent the core base, and others believe that core base is the dirty secret Repubs want to move away from. That secret is the group of evangelicals, joe dumb-packs, and misinformed. While they serve a purpose during election time, they are quickly shunned once things are over. Almost like that one night stand you liked for an hour and then you're done.

But with all of this mess, the new question should be: Who are the Repubs? Are they the new reformed folks McCain talks about? Are they the common man that Palin represents, or are they still the Reagan Repubs hidden somewhere just waiting for the right time to return.

Moose Mess has created something in the GOP party. She is the example of the stereotypical GOP. However, that's a scary thing. That base is, what I believe, the broken part of our country. That base represents the fear of change, ignorance, and foolishness. While the GOP are happy to have an energized base, they fear the curse that Bush brought on them may continue.

So I wonder, will the GOP figure out their group in time? Will they embrace the Palin variant of the Repubs or will they wipe her out like a stain after the election is over?


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