Thursday, October 16, 2008


Well I was hoping to see He-man and his short shorts on the screen, but that won't happen.


Warners! They are always doing something, right?

According to my favorite site, Latino Review, WB wasn't big about the idea and there were other reasons as well.

The studio gave the execs at Silver Pictures a very small list of A-director names they would consider making the film with, amongst them Doug Liman and Bryan Singer who both passed.

There were some up and coming directors that were gung ho on the script, but the studio wasn’t feeling them.
Another reason and perhaps the biggest was that Navid McIIhargey, the exec who brought in He-Man to Silver Pictures, left the company last month to become a Senior VP at New Regency as reported last month in both trades. Sources tell me Navid and another exec (who also left Silver) – guys in their thirties who grew up on the property - were the unsung heroes of He-Man and are no longer there doing the day to day to get He-Man over the mountain and get the movie made.

In the Hollywood business culture, once an exec leaves, usually his projects are killed by the new incoming exec. Even heroes like He-Man need allies and Prince Adam no longer has any at the studio. Sad. Execs at toy company Mattel are so infuriated at Warners, that they want the property back to take it elsewhere. Mattel’s anger is understandable. No movie equals no toys to make.

I can't believe it, but then I can. Warners are so backwards about what works. Remember their push for the Justice League? And then their attempts to make all the other DC Heroes dark? Mess. Just a mess.

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It's always a wonder what goes on behind the scenes and all the awesome-ness we miss out on because of corporate dealings.

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