Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sex is Fun, Classic, and Big

Sex and the City was a very good movie. It was like watching the show again, only that it was 2 hours instead of 30 minutes. The girls looked great and the story was fun, sad, and classic SATC. The clothes were cute, but it was good to see the story to be as strong as the fashion.

I feared that it would be all fashion and no substance, but I was wrong. I felt the story and I felt the girls' emotions. These are fine actresses. The reason why this show was a powerhouse is because of their work. It was never about how hot they are or the sexy men, well not completely. Their work built that loyalty and fan fair. All of these fake NYC, 3 to 4 women, rich teens shows don't get it and never will. Until they know how to act, the shows will not reach SATC status. So writers take a lesson from them: great story, great acting, less hype.

So I say, see this movie. It's fun and a great love letter to the fans. I will probably see this movie again.

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