Monday, May 26, 2008

The Season, The Witch, and The polka dots

I just saw an interesting Bewitched episode. Something about it was cute and special in its own way. Here's a quick overview:

Sisters at Heart-Bewitched

Darrin's friends, Keith and Dorothy Wilson who happen to be black, invite their daughter Lisa to stay with Tabitha on Christmas Eve while they go away. Lisa and Tabitha want to be sisters because they get along so well with each other, but are discouraged when someone tells them that they can't be because Lisa is black and Tabitha is white. Of course, this gets out of hand when Darrin's newest client, Mr. Brockaway, visits his home. Lisa is asked to answer the door, and Brockaway gets a shock when he sees her, thinking that she is the Stephens' child! He turns Darrin down because of his bigotry. Tabitha lets Lisa in on her witchcraft and uses wishcraft to blink polka dots on both her and Lisa. Samantha then tells them that they don't have to look the same to be sisters because they are sisters at heart. Then, after a well-deserved lesson from Samantha, Mr. Brockaway admits that he is a racist and wants Darrin to handle his account as his apology.

I never knew Samantha had it in her. But since she's a witch and non-human, I guess racism is a moot issue.


Christopher said...

I wanted to thank you for suggesting the Milkman Murders! I loved it!

Scooter said...

I remember this episode and discussing it with my mom afterwards. I remember her giving me the analogy that the color of a person's skin was like the clothes we wore. Underneath our "clothes" we are all the same people. Some 15 years later, when I came out to her, it seems she remembered what she had told me for she loved me just as much.

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