Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Releasing Foolishness: My list to end the ills of Black Folks

As we move forward as Black people, I think there are things we need to let go. In order to get serious and get real, we have to drop the foolishness. This is my release list
  1. Rev. Wright: until he gets his message and focus in order, he'll only lead the blind into a ditch.
  2. Gangsta lifestyle: the only true promotion in this is death.
  3. Pimps: Bishop Don Juan is a shame to us, he should be boxed up and shipped to Kuwait.
  4. R. Kelly
  5. Long T-Shirts
  6. Glue-in weave
  7. Rims
  8. Gold Teeth: they meant to cover rotten teeth
  9. Flavor Flav
  10. Homophobia
  11. Three 6 Mafia
  12. Black folks that will only date outside of their race
  13. Justin Suckerlake
  14. Maury Povich
  15. Old time religion
  16. Hustling
  17. Baby's Mama Drama
  18. The notion that a man cures everything (That's for Tyler Perry)
  19. Not having a college degree
  20. Half braided hair
  21. Thug Life
  22. Gangsta Pop
  23. Irv Gotti
  24. Our love affair with Scarface and The Godfather
  25. Sagging jeans
  26. 50 Cent
  27. False Preachers
  28. Kirk Franklin
  29. Bad Credit
  30. Petty Crimes

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I've got one more to add to your list:

31. people who have nothing more to do than make up silly lists.

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