Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Victory? Or a bigger battle to come

I just had a thought. Although, we have the right to marry in California now. Will this be used against us in the big election?

They (Repubs) have used this tactic before and it worked. But will people be fooled again? Will they worry about an issue that has nothing to do with the economy, education, or health care?

Let's pray to Athena for guidance.


EMikeGarcia said...

I doubt it'll be a wedge issue this November, Clinton and Obama have got their tail between their legs when it comes to gay marriage... The Republicans won't need to use it.

But, time will tell.

Butch said...

I think the fact that people are wise to republicans and how they use wedge issues to divide instead of actually having a plan to get us out of eight years of deception and out right lies, speaks a lot this time around. It is generally the right-winged fringe crazies who have used gays as the whipping-boy for all their woes who will bring the gay marriage issue up. A lot has changed with straight people understanding that "all citizens should be equal" Some still have a problem with marriage and think civil unions will do. We know from history that separate fountains, doorways, bathrooms, were pushed as a "separate but equal" theme when blacks were still fighting for equal rights. We know that "separate but equal" is anything but equal. If we are equal, we have the same fountains, bathrooms, and marriages, period. I am hoping Obama, Clinton and a host of other elected officials will realize that the only equality is when we all have the same rights. There will always be those rabid right-winged bible-thumpers who think we all should have to follow "their" version of a bible regardless, if one believes in that religion or not.

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