Thursday, May 15, 2008

CW brings us more original programming in the fall

I can run a TV network! It never cease to amaze me some of the moronic decisions that are made on a daily basis. The network of the century, CW, is putting all their eggs in one doggie bag. Their front runner for next season is 90210, the silly spin off from "If it's Spelling, my money will keep it on past it expiration date" Beverly Hills 90210. I guess I didn't know people wanted to see a spin off with no new concept.

CW, who's running y'all? High school homecoming queens and rejected guys from Blind Date? Are y'all that lost for ideas, you're rehashing shows that people begged to end? I don't get it. But when I read the article about this malarkey, they hope to get a certain demo, women from 18-34. Sorry, guys but I think Lifetime and We got you beat. Plus, CW, you already have shows that follow the same format. THE SAME FORMAT! It's like saying that the We network has Bewitched, Witches of Eastwick: the series, and Charmed.

And what stories can you, CW, tell about kids in Beverly Hills, that uh, um I don't know, The Hills or TEN freaking years of the original Beverly Hills 90210 haven already exploited?
Unless there are zombies, Cylons, or Brenda locked in a basement by her uncle. Put this mess on

One more thing, we are in the 21 century, there are more Middle Easterners, Blacks, and Asians living in Beverly Hills now. Upgrade please.


Christopher said...

Not impressed with the casting so far..

Wonder Man said...

me either

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