Friday, May 30, 2008

Are we scary people?

Are we really something to be frightened about? Usually a day doesn’t go by without hearing how we (the gays) are ruining the world. We caused Katrina, we are destroying the family structure, we bringing Hell on earth, we are bringing the stock markets down…we’re just doing it all.

If an alien came here and heard all of the horrible things gay people were doing and causing, they would think we were supreme beings. Sometimes, I think we are mutants by the way we are treated. But really, if we had that much power do you think we would destroy everything? I think not, I like to think we would erase the hate, ignorance, and foolishness from everyone. We would make life easier for those to come out and be accepted. We could get rid of the self-doubt and mess in our lives. And we may make the world a better place (wishful thinking).

But I still wonder why we are the bad ones? Since Cali allows gay marriage, I heard some horrible statements from people whom suppose to be peaceful and forgiving. I mean, I’ve heard and read things before, but it seems like nothing’s changed. It’s like when we win, it feels like we lose. I’m not sure if some people are getting any closer to opening their minds, regardless of the law or Bravo TV shows.

I can think of other things we should be aware of and other people we should be worried about. There’s poverty, war, education, social problems that should be a higher priority in our world. The last time I check, we just want to love, live, and party in the craziest of ways. Just like everyone else, but when we become purple people eaters, then you should worry.

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Greg said...

Nice image.

I know what you mean, sometimes it seems like we just can't catch a break with some of those people. I try not to take it personally, because usually its just a product of their not KNOWING any gay people. Generally, with a few notable exceptions, I've found that people's feelings and opinions mellow once they get a sense that we really are pretty much like everyone else (just a little more fabulous).

Of course, religion is the thing that becomes the biggest stopping block, because it's so tough for people to reconcile new opinions with long-held beliefs.

Hang in there, we'll continue to see some serious backlash from the good news out of California, I'm afraid. I just hope it doesn't translate into another four years of Republicans in the White House.

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