Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hill-Hill's next step: Let your people go

Bill Clinton was known as the Black people's president, and Hillary fought for civil rights for many years. But after watching CNN recently, I wonder if she has been faking her fight for social change.
I mentioned earlier that she should address her special coalition about the ignorance and racism. And I was glad to see some panelists agreeing with me.

One panelist said that Hillary should denounce her silly racist voters. He thinks Hillary should say, “If you’re only voting for me because you don’t want to vote for a black man, then I don’t want your vote.”

And she should do this and soon. It doesn't make sense to talk about being a champion for civil rights, while a lost soul burns a cross in your honor.


Greg said...

An excellent point. I'm sure she, like we, would enjoy seeing her win a clean victory...but we must'nt forget that, as a politician, she long ago sold any soul that might've been hers.

How bout you, Vik, can we elect you? You said you were looking for a new place to live... ; )

Butch said...

I agree with you but think she should just get out of the race she has already lost and give the Democratic party and mainly Obama a chance to gear up to run against McCain's "dog and pony show."

EMikeGarcia said...

Great end point, however, I agree with Greg... As a politician, she sold her soul long ago.

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