Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Gay Pride: Our right to fight, or our right to party

So what does Gay Pride really mean? When I attended NYC's Pride, I remember the parades, parties, overcrowded streets of Christopher and Chelsea. In Phoenix, there was a small parade and booths showcasing art, condoms, porn stars and leather. But I honestly couldn't tell you what we were celebrating.

Pride is suppose to be a reflection of the oppressive days and a celebration of a prosperous future for equality and change. However, I see more go-go boys marching towards the bar than to freedom. Anytime I pick up a mini-mag or flyer, there's some half naked guy telling to me to celebrate pride weekend. And although the guy may be cute, I wonder if we lost the real reason for the "gay" season.

I feel that battle at Stonewall is reduced to $2 drinks and a lap dance with your favorite amateur website star? I hope not, I hope there's more with Gay Pride than partying, too many people lost so much for us. We should take a minute to remember that. I'm not saying that we shouldn't party, I just wish I knew about others things. Like, the history of Stonewall? Who organized the first Pride gathering? What was the purpose of the first organizers? Sure, I can google the info, but I think it's imperative that we all know our history. It would give us a stronger reason to march down those glittery streets.


Queers United said...

I agree with you, PRIDE should be about celebrating our history, our community, and our struggle. I am much more proud to see the firefighters, police, religious groups, PFLAG, than I am to see go-go boys parading down 5th ave.

Greg said...

The go-go boys are nice, but instead of following them to the bar, veer off to the library. Googling information's fine for short term needs, but it sounds like you need some history books...

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