Friday, May 30, 2008

Gay Horror is Dead

Gay Horror Movies? Is there such a thing? It is, but it is a horror within itself. These movies suck and I mean suck. I've seen some of them and thought, why, how, who, what for, and what. The storylines are from 25 cent porn books in hidden drug stores. After more sad viewing, I'm still lost for words. Now, there were a few semi-good ones, but I kept running into the same problem. A lot of skin, less substance.

I feel that they are trying to mix porn and horror, and it just ain't working. My first example is Hellbent, probably the worst horror movie I've ever seen. The main problem for me was the over focus on hot guys and sex, then as a side note, horror was added. Then you have here!'s garbage bend dramas Dante's Cove and the The Lair...lordy-lord! Those...whatever, are way beyond silly.

Most of decent gay horror are in the books, but I hope for better movies. Gay horror movies should not
  • focus of the hotness of the men, I want screams and thrills.
  • porn is porn and horror is horror. Do not mix!
  • uses the vamps. Leave the vampires alone...Anne Rice really created a monster.
  • tell a dumb story.
Maybe gay horror is too young to be good, but hopefully we will have something scary and exciting to take a strange internet date to.


EMikeGarcia said...

What's sad is that most gay media is focused on guys and sex... With drama, horror, a plotline, added.

Christopher said...

I liked Hellbent! : )

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