Saturday, May 24, 2008

I wonder...

I haven't done this in a while, but here's a list of my thoughts.

  • The only celeb mother who should have a reality show is Raven-Symone's mom. She has managed her daughter's career over 20 years and we still don't know her name or what she looks like.
  • If superheroes were real, would they make up a different social class?
  • Do the "special" people in the South and Midwest realize the rest of the world thinks they're stupid?
  • And why do they hate educated people?
  • Why do we gays support the celebs no one else cares about?
  • Now that we can get married in Cali-cal, how long will it be before it's as trendy as West Hollywood?
  • If more of our kids were like Huey Freeman from The Boondocks, maybe we would have a future to look forward to.
  • Will the Sex and the City movie finally convince Sarah Michelle Gellar to do a Buffy movie.
  • Since there is another Hulk movie, X-Men 3 should have a do-over.
  • Should Marvel make an animated Phoenix/Dark Phoenix X-Men movie?
  • Why is Cher touring again?
  • If I'm the only who thinks Jason Segel is cute?
  • Who will be Obama's running mate?
  • Why do people need to be drunk to socialize?
  • If there will be another Grindhouse.
  • If CW network collapses, will they finally bring in fresh ideas?
  • If L.A. Pride will be as good as New York City's Pride?

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EMikeGarcia said...

Superheroes would be treated like celebrities, which would infringe on their "call of duty" or honor and they'd start picking us off, one by one.

No, the "special" people don't think they're stupid. That's what makes them "special". Like retarded puppies.

Because, if you really think about it, no one really cares about the gays.

West Hollywood is trendy?

There is a Buffy movie... GO KRISTY SWANSON!!! SMG would tarnish the memory of the hot mess.

Yes, Phoenix/Dark Phoenix would take the franchise to amazing levels of the good/evil/onner-turmoil that makes amazing X-Men storylines... Wolverine's story is already old.

Cher no longer exists. Her customized replicant has taken over for her. Since 'Believe'.

No, I think Jason Segal is adorable.

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