Sunday, May 25, 2008

Don't call it a sequel...maybe a comeback

So after seeing this pic, I couldn't help but to think about The Bodyguard. This was my coming of age movie, believe it or not.

It was my Freshmen year in college. When the soundtrack came out, the rest of my friends followed suit. The soundtrack was a bonding point for my friends and I. Screeching I Have Nothing, Run To You, and I'm Every Woman was how I got to know my friends, silly I know, but it's true.

Now when I see this pic, I wonder about the possibilities. Could a sequel be in sight, or a remake? Whitney looks great and Kevin don't look so bad either.

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EMikeGarcia said...

That is a pretty great photo, and Whitney looks amazing! Kevin looks like a hot daddy. I'd do him.

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