Friday, March 6, 2015

In Georgia: Senate passes ‘religious freedom’ bill

The attack against equality continues in the South.

The Georgia Senate just approved one of these "religious freedom" bills to protect the right to discriminate against the LGBT community.

Project Q reports:

State Sen. Josh McKoon's bill, S.B. 129 – the "Georgia Religious Freedom Restoration Act" or RFRA – passed 37-15 after nearly 90 minutes of debate. Earlier Thursday, the Senate approved a ban on amendments to the legislation. McKoon (top photo) spoke for nearly 30 minutes, defending his legislation against critics that he dismissed as "the professional left" who have contempt "for the people of this state."

"It's a simple, modest, common sense protection for people of faith, people of every faith," McKoon said. "When we have strong religious liberty, what goes along with that is tolerance for people of every faith and people with no faith at all."

McKoon also said the LGBT critics of the legislation failed to cite a case in which similar legislation in other states has resulted in anti-gay discrimination. "This law has been tested. The parade of horribles that we've had to hear about for a year have never manifested themselves," McKoon said.

Hopefully, it will not pass the House.


Bob Slatten said...

And the lunacy continues.
i'm waiting for the guy or girl that opens a business based on the 'Don'ts' of Leviticus and begins to refuse service to people with tattoos, or woman who cut their hair and see how that fares in court because we all know this is aimed exclusively at The Gays.

Kevin T said...

i don't know what to say

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