Tuesday, March 17, 2015

My Social Justice Rant

My Social Justice rant...

So, I'm just read a gay male whine about not having a space to talk about gay men issues, and hated that other groups had a space.... Somebody, put a prayer cloth on me, because I literally just can't. It's sad to see and read stuff like that, because it is the prime example of privilege.

I mean, it's so blatant and ridic to the uttermost degree. Look, if you can't see why women, trans, POCs and Bi folks need a space to discuss issues, then please step aside and get the F***k out of the way, because clearly, you are done. You are no longer a fighter, an advocator, or a believer. You are miserable and have forgotten the real reason why you fight. So, if your reading this and it's you, have a seat. We don't need your energy up in here. We're trying to win equality for all, not for a few, all.

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