Thursday, March 26, 2015

Aisha Moodie-Mills becomes the First Black Woman to lead the Victory Fund

This is great news.

Political Analyst and Activist Aisha Moodie-Mills has become the first Black woman to be the President of the Victory Fund and Institute.

Buzzfeed interviewed Aisha about her role and the changes to come:
“Victory has been thinking about this, certainly before me, and I think I am a manifestation of the forward-thinking of the organization, and that’s a great legacy to be able to build upon,” she said. “I was impressed that they, as a … not really diverse group — there are only like a handful of women and everyone there is white, so they’re not a very diverse group — how they came to it themselves that they need to do something different and that they needed to think much longer into the future — a 20-year plan — and that this 20-year plan needs to reach people that they’ve never reached before.” 
Moodie-Mills has been a constant presence in the LGBT conversation in DC through her work at CAP and in other venues. She described herself as “a federal political girl” before her local LGBT activism began, focused on political fund-raising for the Congressional Black Caucus PAC and through her own consulting firm.

“[T]hat’s … all that I ever knew — before I fell in love with this lovely girl named Danielle, and the politics became very personal to me.” The two are now married.

As the new president of Victory Fund and its educational arm, Victory Institute, she said her focus will be on time-consuming, grassroots work in places where there are no or very few out LGBT elected officials, specifically pointing to “the South and the plains states” and other areas lacking out LGBT representation, from city councils to statehouses.
I had the pleasure of meeting Aisha 3 years ago. I know she will do well and take the Victory Fund to the next level.

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