Friday, March 27, 2015

Did some Hackers take down Indiana's Website?

Oh snap, some hacker group called Vikingdom2015 just took down the Indiana's website. But a spokesman for the Indiana Office of Technology says otherwise

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Graig Lubsen, a spokesman for the Indiana Office of Technology, issued the following statement:

"The website is currently experiencing a high volume of traffic. Users may experience slow page load times or intermittent outages.

"Indiana, like many other states, has been targeted with a denial of service interruption. From March 16 to March 27, a group, has targeted approximately 34 state, local, tribal, and territorial government websites in 21 states.

"The website was not hacked. A denial of service attack consists of sending many traffic requests at the same time in order to overwhelm a website and have it not be able to load.

"The denial of service interruption began at approximately 2:00, but the site has not been continuously down."
This drama in Indiana is getting good.


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