Thursday, March 12, 2015

Marco McMillian Case: Deputy says Lawrence Reed confessed to the Murder of Marco

New movement on the Marco McMillian case.

To recap, Marco McMillian was a mayor candidate who was gay. He was also murdered by Lawrence Reed, a guy he was reportedly seeing. Lawrence claimed that Marco tried to rape him and he was forced to defend himself. However, the evidence tells a different story though.

Here's more:

Reed doesn't dispute that he killed McMillian, but claims he acted in self-defense after McMillian, who was gay, tried to rape him. Premeditation and motive are the crucial issues in the trial, and if a jury believes Reed, they might not convict him of murder.

Prosecutors say McMillian didn't try to attack Reed.

"This version of the story does not match the physical evidence," Quitman County District Attorney Brenda Mitchell said Monday of Reed's defense. "This case is not a case of who done it but why he did it."

McMillian's body was found near the Mississippi River levee in Coahoma County, after being doused with gasoline and set on fire. Authorities say the killing happened in Quitman County.

Lord, this case is still going on. Marco was murdered in February 2013. Here is my posts on Marco McMillian.


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