Monday, March 30, 2015

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory doesn't want a Religious Freedom Bill

Gov. Pat McCrory ain't trying to have the same drama as Mike Pence.

Today, Pat said that didn't see a need for RFRA in North Carolina

WRAL reports

"What is the problem they're trying to solve?" McCrory asked during Monday's broadcast of WFAE's Charlotte Talks program.

Large parts of the program focused on situations where McCrory had differences with conservative Republicans at the state legislature, particularly in the state Senate.

Senators have already passed a bill that would allow magistrates opt out of performing weddings if they have a "sincere religious objection" to performing particular ceremonies. The measure, which is now making its way through the House, is seen as a way to shield magistrates who do not want to perform same-sex marriages.

North Carolina's constitutional amendment and a related law blocking same-sex marriages was overturned by a federal court last year.

"At this time, I would not sign it the way it's written because ... I don't think you should have an exemption or a carve-out when you swore an oath to the constitution of North Carolina or to the Constitution of the United States of America," McCrory said.

I'm actually surprised to hear this from Pat. Maybe other governors will think twice as well.

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