Thursday, December 13, 2012

Meteorologist Fired because her Hair is too short? Please watch

In Shreveport, Louisiana, a meteorologist lost her job because of her hair. Rhonda Lee responded to a Facebook statement that criticized her hair style.

The person said she would look better with a wig and thought she was a cancer patient. Rhonda kindly responded, but that response led to her firing.

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Bob said...

Part of the problem stems from the fact that, previously, another viewer had criticized her for "something"--I'm not sure if it was her hair or not--and she responded via the station's Facebook page.

She was told by her employers that she should not respond on their page, but when this viewer said that about her hair, she went back on Facebook to respond.

From my understanding, that's why she was fired.

Stan said...

I saw this on Thomas Roberts this AM. It's pure racism. I hope she sues the station.

K. Clark said...

An anchor at my station worked with her in Shreveport, and told me this wasn't the first time she'd been let go from a station. I'm not sure it was for the same thing,and while I do agree with her and don't she should have been fired, she had to be at least somewhat aware of her station's policy. Most stations are very strict and vocal about the way employees can use station-related social media.

Maybe she could've used her personal FB page to respond.
I'm not trying to blame the victim, just saying it's possible she could've taken another route, especially if, like Bob said, she had been warned before.

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