Wednesday, December 12, 2012

John Barrowman wants to Make Out with the lead in 'Arrow'

In the CW series, 'Arrow', John plays Malcolm Merlyn. So we will see him as a villain in the series (could be fun).

Recently, John sat down with TV Guide and shared some bits about his role and fantasies:
Barrowman plays Malcom who he describes as a ‘troubled hero’ whose methods in attempting to clean up the city clash with those of the show’s hero. 
‘I don’t think we ever will!’ he says of a same-sex love scene. ‘Although I would love to make out with Stephen Amell, I don’t think these two are gonna bed down. I always ask him if I can play some xylophone on his abs (Laughs).’ 
When the interviewer remarks that Barrowman ‘doesn’t hold back,’ the actor says: ‘I am what I am, and I don’t hide it. If anybody asked me to change, I would tell them to f— off.’
Such a flirt, isn't he?



apitt said...

I love John Barrowman.

Mechadude2001 said...

John and Stephen sitting in a tree...
They both turn me on!

Kyle Leach said...

Such a HOT flirt. :)