Saturday, December 8, 2012

Caption This: President Obama

This is a pic of President Obama receiving a concession phone call from Mitt Romney. But just imagine if the Prez had a real talk moment.


Alieux (Daij) said...

"Mr Romney, like I always say. What's in the dark will always come to light. All your attempts and those of your rethugs' attempts to malign me obviously fell on deaf years. You ran a campaign, assuming the voting block of white males would be enough to put you over the top, but times have changed. This in the Nixon era. There are black people, latinos, gays, and women that you over looked. And I'm glad you did. Bye."

Damien said...

"Good Evening Mr Romney - so a black man beat your arse down. Hows that gonna go down at your white ass little political party??

I have to go run the country and do some good now....


K. Clark said...

"You know I had to wax that ass right? Nothing personal."

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