Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Classic Ad: ABC's Wonder Woman 1974


urban bohemian said...

I loved the Cathy Lee Crosby movie, even though a lot of people I know didn't "get" it or just hated it outright.

I was so glad when DC Comics acknowledged it via Earth-462 during Infinite Crisis!

Damien said...

I did appreciate it for what it was. But sadly I believe Cathy Lee Crosby suffered from a poorly written mess.

I completely loved the Wonder Woman series with Lynda Carter.

Immanuel said...

It was a good movie to watch as a child, although Cathy looked nothing like the comic book.

Then Linda Carter came around and she looked just like the old 40s comics come to life.

And the 1975 movie just faded into oblivion.

I had the pleasure of being a few feet away from Linda Carter at a White House event back in the 90s. She was still a beautiful woman then.

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