Thursday, November 29, 2012

What's Going on with Me

So here's an update on what's going on with me.
  • I'm taken steps to change my future... meaning, I've applied for jobs in the entertainment world. I know I will have to start from scratch, but it is what it is. Actually, I'm excited about it.
  • Bent-Con is this weekend and it will be amazing to see all LGBT creative geeks under one space.
  • I'm thinking about cutting my hair shorter, maybe shoulder length?
  • I'm always amazed at some people's need to feel important.
  • Still working on my Graphic Novel. I had to convert the original script into a comic book version. It's a very detailed process, but fun to say the least.
  • Losing weight seems to be the monkey on my back.
  • I am very fortunate to have enough readers to keep this blog going. Many blogs have come and gone, but y'all have kept this one alive... Thank you.
  • I realized that some of you are going through some tough times. Please stay strong and stay true.
  • I have to wear ties at work now... I truly hate it!


Roger Poladopoulos said...

My blogger brother: I appreciate your aversion to ties; I hate having to wear clothes at work, period.:) Best wishes as you (hopefully) embark on a new career!

K. Clark said...

Thanks for the update; what sorts of entertainment jobs are you looking into?

behrmark said...

Face it V, if it wasn't an outstanding blog we wouldn't continue to visit! I wear ties to work too so I know your pain.

truthspew said...

The part about ties - I've willfully avoided any career or job where I had to wear one.

daij said...

Thanks for the update! I think I need to do one too.
I agree with Behrmark. Obviously I've been visiting your blog for some time now because it's informative and funny and entertaining and thought-provoking, etc..
I'm there with you on the weight loss, but since I got from Paris, where every one is smaller than me, and all the food portions are small, even the thought of the portions I used to eat turn me off.

I wish ties were a requirementat my job. Past jobs required ties, and I have about 200 of them basically collecting dust.

R.J. said...

I understand your aversion to wearing ties. I've only had to wear one once within the past seven years, and that was to interview for the position I have now. It makes me thankful I can wear shorts and a t-shirt on most days.

Good luck with the job search!

Damien said...

Standing with you Sir.

Ken Riches said...

Good luck with the job search, I can tell you that change is positive.

Bama Boi said...

Much love and luck to you