Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mitt Romney named the Least Influential Person of 2012 by GQ

Poor Mittens... He was named the least influential person of 2012 by GQ magazine. He beat out Jerry Sandusky’s lawyer, Lance Armstrong, Madonna, and George Zimmerman for this title.

GQ had this to say about their choice:
“Was anyone inspired by Mitt Romney? Did anyone vote enthusiastically for Mitt Romney? Of course not. Voting for Romney is like hooking up with the last single person at the bar at 4 a.m. The only successful thing he did this year was embody every black stand-up comedian’s impression of a white person. Thank God the election’s over. No more endless photos of Mitt staring winsomely off-camera with that attempted smile on his face. No more glaring campaign mishaps week after week after week. No more labored media efforts to make him look like anything other than Sheldon Adelson’s pampered money Dumpster.”
Well, at least he won something.


Bob said...

Was is JUST 2012?
Or the first twelve years of this century?

Roger Poladopoulos said...

Amen! My friend, I'm certain this was NOT the win he sought! Great post!

Lucifer Arnold said...

Because Obama is a true leader he will have Mitt and his wife over to walk through the the White House and they will becomes friends and in the process Mitt will be able to heal form such a loss.

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