Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Kevin Clash Resigns from Sesame Street

This hurts to report, but after all the scandal and mess, Kevin Clash quits Sesame Street.

The show released a statement:
Sesame Workshop’s mission is to harness the educational power of media to help all children the world over reach their highest potential. Kevin Clash has helped us achieve that mission for 28 years, and none of us, especially Kevin, want anything to divert our attention from our focus on serving as a leading educational organization.

Unfortunately, the controversy surrounding Kevin’s personal life has become a distraction that none of us want, and he has concluded that he can no longer be effective in his job and has resigned from Sesame Street. This is a sad day for Sesame Street.
This is a sad day for many of us.


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Writer said...

What controversy? There was an accuation. The accuser rescinded. Great! Another fucking lowlife making it where a talented, wonderful person can't do what he loves! Bullshit. :(

(If this is a repeat, sorry.)

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