Sunday, November 18, 2012

Question of the Day

What was or is your favorite Hostess snack cake?


R.J. said...

It's been a long time since I've had one, but I loved their cherry fruit pies and the crunch Donettes.

SEAN said...

I was more of a Drakes fan and they're going too.

Allan S. said...

1. Hostess Cupcakes
2. Ding Dongs
3. Chocolate Zingers
4. Donettes

It is a shame the corporate greed made them think it was okay to offer a shitty contract to the union employees.

BloggerJoe said...

Lemon Pie
Crunch Donettes
Ding Dongs

But I've found over the last decade that I can live without all of them. albeit not happily.

Reggie said...

I hated all of this sugar encrusted shit.

behrmark said...

Don't laugh...Ho Hos...

Stan said...

I like Drake cakes better too but the mini donuts were good with coffee.

Lucifer Arnold said...

I lost my figure eating this shit, good riddance.

apitt said...

I haven't had a hostess in years and i can never decide which one i like better. I'm a sugarholic but I don't care!

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