Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mitt Romney Looks Tore Up - PIC

Mittens looks broke down, y'all.

Someone saw Romney at a gas station in La Jolla, Cali-Cal and took a pic. The rumor is he's planning to move there soon.

You know, this is a bit interesting. He always has this clean look about him, but in this pic, he looks like a dirty old man.

What do y'all think?


R.J. said...

Great. Now I get to deal with Mitt signings whenever I visit family. He was in the Del Mar area this past weekend.

behrmark said...

I think it's a look alike.

truthspew said...

Cognitive dissonance isn't pretty. That's all I can say. No more sycophants, no more Secret Service, no more being fawned over, preened, and complimented. It's all over for Willard!

kayman said...

Oh well!

Alieux (Daij) said...

God don't like ugly.

That is all.