Thursday, November 15, 2012

This is the Man who Accused Elmo's Kevin Clash of Underage Sex

This is the man that accused Kevin Clash of underage dating. This man is a criminal, sad but true.
Meet Sheldon Stephens: "A struggling 24-year-old model/actor who was once arrested for the knifepoint robbery of $250,000 in jewelry from a music manager for whom he interned," according to The Smoking Gun. 
A resident of Pennsylvania, it is still unclear how Stephens met Clash, but a source tells TSG he's the kind of guy who "attracts these high-powered men." 
According to Stephens' bio on his private Twitter account, he describes himself as an “Entrepreneur, Student, Model, Actor." 
His Facebook page’s “About” section states, “I like to consider myself a rare breed. I'm very spontaneous and random…I'm determined and goal oriented. My destiny is laid on a solid gold brick pathway....... MY FUTURE IS BRIGHT and never will it dim.”
Whether his future remains bright or not, Stephens' past holds some dark secrets. 
"Court records show that Stephens has been arrested several times since 2009. Last year, Stephens was busted for passing a bad check," reports TSG. "He was also collared last May for reckless driving, and subsequently pleaded guilty to a traffic offense."
But Stephens' most serious criminal charges came in September 2009, when he was arrested at the Harrisburg airport after returning home from a trip to L.A.
Mess! Here's some advice, if a young hot thing is trying to get your attention, run away!




"entrepreneur" equals hooker?!?
Just my gut feeling here...
Trouble, and troubled,
for sure...
He's got some look
but he's making sure it's all going to waste when acting this way.
Not the kind of publicity he'd want, though, in America, we've seen stranger things happen...
A book deal, movie-of-the-week, etc... His memoirs, even if he's only 24. That's what you Americans do, right, re-packaging everything, even trash like that...

I'm glad for Clash though.
He must be breathing a little easier now.

Writer said...

True! He's very lovely. Thankfully, I have neither power nor money. :)

Maybe he should take up gay porn?

behrmark said...

I wish I had some young hot thing after me.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a story line that should've been on A-List New York.

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