Thursday, November 29, 2012

Faithbuddy: A 'Facebook' for Christians

There's a new 'Facebook' for Christians called Faithbuddy. Yes, that's the name.

It's supposed to be for Christians to connect with others Christians. Personally, I thought they did that with their anti-gay hate rallies. Anywho,here's their info.
Faithbuddy is a Christ-centered devotional and social networking platform. 
We've developed unique features for prayer, and plan to offer secure contact directory solutions for faith-based groups including churches, schools and camps. 
You can expect to find:
Better privacy controls for your informationA safer environment for young usersA more streamlined experience that doesn't waste your time 
What you won't find:Features that only work if you agree to share unnecessary amounts of personal informationAll those ads with pictures of belly flabVirtual farm animals
Faithbuddy... Sounds like a undercover hook-up site to me.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's exactly what it will probably be.

That said, I'm hoping it is a big genetic experiment - and that the nasty recessives come out in spades.

Anonymous said...

Between this and Christian Mingle, why are we having their religion shoved in our collective faces?

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