Sunday, June 26, 2011

New Pic: DC Comics' Justice League (Relaunch Version)

Left panel, top to bottom: Deadman, Atom, Elemental Woman, & “a” Firestorm.

Right panel, top to bottom: Green Arrow, Hawkman, a mystery woman and Mera. The mystery woman is being speculated to be Black Canary by DCWKA or Power Girl or Wildstorm’s Zealot by Rich Johnson.
Yes, Zealot from WildC.A.T.s



WilsonW said...

They need a sistah and a gay guy. A latin woman would be great. What team is Vixen going to be on now. How about Dr. Light for some Asian female action? I'm just saying. Maybe one of the Firestorm's will be gay? Probably not though huh. Yeah, but just one and a half people of color doesn't cut it DC for your renewed dedication to diversity. Still majority white, male and hetero. Also, I can see why Batman would wear armor of some kind, but why Superman?

WilsonW said...

Also, is it just me or did they shorten Wonder Woman? She should be taller than Superman. Maybe they shrunk her in the new costume wash.

Mechadude2001 said...

Wilson makes a very good point. Where is the Diversity? Cyborg, Mr Terrific, Static and Batwing? Hell, Marvel has way more black characters, and don't require a REBOOT to advertise it.
An their cry for diversity is ironic... being that Dwayn McDuffie put John Stewart and Static front & Center in the DC Verse via the awesome cartoons, along with Vixen who isn't even seen in the new ads.

i doubt they will have anything as awesome gay as Midnighter/Apollo in this new DC Verse.

WilsonW said...

@Mecha-I know that Midnighter and Apollo will still be in existence and fully integrated into the DC Universe along with a bunch of the other Wildstorm characters. Not sure if they'll still be gay or not, but they'll be on the Authority team with Martian Manhunter. (go figure) Vixen is on some International Justice League Team and they are bringing back the Latin Blue Beetle in his own book. But let's be real. Most of the minority lead books will dry up and blow away after a handful of issues. They need to put some of those folks in the bigger books, like Justice League.

I wonder what will happen to the new Aqualad they introduced that is heavily featured on the Young Justice cartoon? Lots of good potential there!

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