Monday, June 20, 2011

WATCH: David Tyree continue his Gay Marriage Haterade in New York

NOM must be paying him well.


Bob said...

So hot.
So unbelievably stupid.

luciferosirisarnold said...

I want to lick his ass,this man is fine as hell, besides not everyone will see it our way. This man is standing up for what he believe in more power to him.

Ian said...

I have to disagree with Bob here. His ignorance makes him so UGLY.

My thing is this, these people keep citing its a holy institution, yet folks get married in places like Vegas quickie marriage spot, at Justices of the Peace, etc etc all the time... are those necessarily Holy? Plus the fact, if it's so holy, why do people enter marriage so easy, and end them so quickly with multiple so-called holy covenants??? If this the case, why is it permissible for folks to get married so many damn times, yet the LGBT community can't just one time?

Ultimately marriage is a contract between two PEOPLE, is it not? Maybe I'm just naive and too simplistic...

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