Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The HRC lashes out on Chris Brown for his Gay Slur

Let's be honest, Chris Brown SUX! And in his latest act of foolishness, Chris used a gay slur when talking about N**GAS. See here

Classic, Chris.

Now, the HRC has responded to this mess:
A rep for the HRC tells us, "Invoking words meant to demean gay Americans is just plain unacceptable. Chris Brown should know better."

The rep adds, "He irresponsibly neglected to recognize the impact of his words and the unacceptable message that it sends to couple the word gay with negative actions."
 So far, there's no response from Chris' team.



Prince Toddy English said...

I don't have it in me to care.

EMikeGarcia said...

Yeah well, we don't beat women's faces in, so I wear "gay" proudly.

Bob said...

This is so surprising.
I mean, coming from a guy who beats the shit out of his girlfriend.
Coming from a guy who trashes rooms and throws chairs.
I see a new apology tour in his future.
He loves gay people, he was just mad.

luciferosirisarnold said...

Hold the fuck up! Since when did Me/You/US become the WATCH WHAT YOU SAY POLICE?? We're asking for it. The fist to the face. You can't control people. I believe in KARMA. That makes three bothers now Tyree Tracy and Chris,whose next?

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