Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Six GLAAD Board Members have Resigned

Jocelyn Bramble, Kelly Dermody, Humberto Mata, James Walker, Gary Bitner and Randi Weingarten have resigned due to the fallout of the AT&T/T-Mobile drama.

Politico reports:
Some board members were said to have resigned because of concerns that GLAAD failed to adhere to its conflict of interest standards and to protest GLAAD's failure to protect its president, Jarrett Barrios, who submitted his letter of resignation to the group Saturday amid a growing backlash in the gay blogosphere over the group's AT&T stance.
Barrios had signed the letter GLAAD sent to the FCC in support of the wireless mega-deal.
GLAAD board member Gary Bitner confirmed in an email to POLITICO on Tuesday that he had resigned. Five other board members — including Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers — also have submitted their resignations, according to the POLITICO source who is familiar with the matter.
This incident has reduced their board to 23 now. Will there be more resignations to come?


Cubby said...

I'm very confused over this.

GLAAD is a cause-based organization. Corporations like AT&T give to orgs like GLAAD with the unspoken expectation that someday in the future the org will return the favor. It's called back-scratching, or tit-for-tat, or quid pro quo. However you care to refer to it, it's done by all organizations every single day. Why was Barrios forced out for merely doing exactly that which he was hired to do?

luciferosirisarnold said...

Something is afoot.

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