Saturday, June 18, 2011

Netroots Nation Rundown: Breitbart Kicked Out, a Fake Obama? and Bullying

Big news rolled out as White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer claimed the famous "Obama Supported Gay Marriage' questionnaire was actually filled out by someone else... Not Obama.

This caused a mini frenzy for a cold minute. Some folks shrugged and others were outraged. So far, it seems that the White House is mum on this issues.

Then, Conservative blogger, liar, bootlegger and jerk Andrew Breitbart tried to crash Netroots Nation. I was trying to get there but he was already put out like a buck-tooth ho. Anywho, Andrew busted into the Convention Center, but he had a warm welcoming team ready for him.


I attended a session that focused on bullying and how organizations and groups are addressing the problem. I learned that a national campaign called “See a Bully, Stop a Bully: Make a Difference” is making waves in schools and kids lives. Check out this video:

We also heard from Scott Zumwalt, who is the tech mastermind of the It Gets Better Project. We learned that the project is bigger than Dan Savage and it makes the average person a role model to millions. The Google Chrome video brought many people to tears. It was a strong reminder of the work we have to do to keep our children safe in schools.

More to come

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NG said...

See a bully, stop a bully... two words: Mike Rogers.

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