Tuesday, June 21, 2011

President Obama, Where You At on Gay Marriage?

President Obama said in October his views on Gay Marriage was evolving. Since then, there has been a few marriage battles in the states. And as New York's quest for marriage hits a boiling point, everyone wants to know where does Obama stand?

I'm not going demand for Obama to tell me where he is in his evolution. The evolution process is different for everyone. But, I would like to know what's blocking his vision? I wish he could share his dilemma with us. It would be helpful to know what's stalling him.

However, this could be a ruse. With the nature of politics, he could be playing the 'I'm not sure' role until the election. But it is a risky play if this is the idea. Because he hasn't evolved, Obama's making some of his LGBT supporters very wary.

Now y'all know, I will continue to support him, but it would be nice to know what our president is thinking and feeling about this.

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Ian said...

As much as I love 44, he's a politician first and foremost. His goal is to get to the next term. His team probably has him holding off on announcing his view until after the Elections. I believe Big Chief will do right by our community. Give him time. Like all the others, he still has to play the game...

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