Thursday, June 23, 2011

VIDEO: David Tyree doesn't want his Kids to think Homosexuality is Normal

He said it, see here


luciferosirisarnold said...

Alright David ,you are pushing the envelope. I wonder if this cock sucker is getting donations? He is appearing on all the talk shows.

Ian said...

I ask again, for the millionth time, if marriage is damn sacred, why the hell then do people get married repeatedly?!?!?!

People need to address this point because more people get divorced than a lil bit! If marriage is such a HOLY COVENANT that you can stand up before God, church and family, LIE that till death do us part, then get divorced, and then repeat the process over ...and for some, again and again...marriage must not be THAT sacred. So PLEASE, stop saying it's "sacred"... David Tyree. Thank you.

I can't stand this ***** no more! Please sit down.