Thursday, May 26, 2011

President Obama, it is Time

Months ago I wrote a post called, Who Made Gay Marriage the Battle of 2011? At the time, I thought folks were pushing it to the front of the priority list without everyone being on board.

But looking back, I realized that maybe I was wrong.

This has become the battle of the year, but not by our doing. We have seen the GOP attack gay marriage and civil unions with so much force. NOM has been touring and raising money to stop any possibility of gay marriage from happening in the states and we've seen the return of constitutional amendments to ban gay marriage all together. With this kind of attack why wouldn't we respond.

It's been amazing to watch these battles, mainly because of the changes we are seeing in the public. The approval of gay marriage is growing, more folks are no longer proud to be labeled bigots. But the vigor of our opponents is mind boggling. They continue to spread lies and malicious tactics to push their agenda forward. They are truly dividing our country; putting forth hate and discrimination ahead of job security and health care.

With that said, I think it's time to see our leader come out and lead.

President Obama should step into this battle. He should say that he will end DOMA and push for the repeal. With him, the message will tickle down and cause true change. I know some you will be surprised by my stance, but I think it's time for President Obama to get down with the throw down. We are close to killing this (anti-gay marriage) thing, it would be nice if he shared some his heavy arsenal to do it.

So President Obama, or what I like to call him, "Boo". We need you, please join us.

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Bama Boi said...

I have faith in our boo! lol

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