Thursday, May 26, 2011

Interesting Quote: Calpernia Addams

"As a proud daughter of Tennessee, I want people to know that not everyone there supports the recent breathtakingly harmful legislation against LGBT people. I grew up among inspiring natural beauty, a culture of friendliness, and an invigorating arts scene. When I returned from the first Gulf War, Nashville's vibrant LGBT community took me in and allowed me to grow into the woman many of you now know. We are embarrassed by the actions of a few small-minded people in power, and eager to see the people of Tennessee push back against this on big and small levels, alongside everyone else who knows that this is wrong."
FYI... Back in the day, my and friends used to watch Calpernia perform in Nashvegas. She was a great performer.


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Howard said...

Well said, Calpernia!