Monday, May 30, 2011

10 Reasons Why the GOP may have Lost 2012

Let's face it, the GOP is a mess. It's like watching a broke ass circus where the animals don't obey their masters and all of the stunts go wrong. Everyday, it seems like this clown car is about to crash and if they don't see the signs, 2012 is ours.

But what are the signs? Well I have a few reasons
  • They have too many clowns running for President. Seriously it's too many folks on the docket, the GOP needs to cut this list down.
  • Too many of these so-called candidates are using 'I'm MIGHT be running for President' as a way to raise money... For themselves. Some of them have learned that pretending to running makes a big paycheck.
  • The Tea Party has ran it course, but they continue to act as if they are truly powerful. In reality, they are not. The GOP should stop catering to them and cut the ties to these teabaggers. The country finds the Tea Party to be troublemakers and pointless. Besides, they can be pimped out by the rich peeps (Koch Brothers) to do their bidding. It's sad really, because the Tea Party can played by the very people who caused them grief in the first place. They are like new age slaves.
  • GOP promised jobs, but delivered nothing.
  • They have focused on social issues like stopping gay marriage when the country moves in favor of it.
  • Paul Ryan's Kill Medicare plan has become a curse they can't shake.
  • These faux candidates used the election to drive up ratings for their TV shows (Huckabee and Trump), making the GOP nomination a joke.
  • When a pizza man, a quitter and adulterer becomes candidates, there's no hope.
  • The GOP won't 'Man Up' and tell some of these candidates to 'Have a Seat'. They should know who they will support for the nomination. It would be best to move out the riff raff and get this party started.
  • The labor union drama in Wisconsin revealed the GOP's true colors and caused a huge backlash. Now the working people know where they stand... And it ain't with them.


Anonymous said...

Here's my prediction, it'll be Romney who gets the nod. But even he has so much baggage it's a virtual shoe-in for team Obama.

But you make some very valid points. Right now the party is fractured into a hundred tiny little pieces. There's no unity or cohesiveness. It is akin to the million monkeys typing, probability of them producing say one act from Shakespeare is low.

Robyn said...

I love this because once Romney wins the nomination he will be too vulnerable to win. These idiots will do their best to expose his weaknesses during the primary and I'm stocking up on popcorn as we speak.

luciferosirisarnold said...

I wouldn't blow any one of them.

Greg said...

I was about to say that it appears they have more than 10 reasons just by looking at the picture.

Stan said...

I hope that Chris Christie (R-NJ) runs so we here in New Jersey can get rid of him as Governor! UGH!

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