Saturday, May 28, 2011

In Georgia: State Rep. Rashad Taylor Comes Out

After vicious emails were sent out to attack State Rep. Rashad Taylor on sexual misconduct, he comes out to clear the air of these rumors.

Here's the scoop.
The man who sent emails to dozens of lawmakers accusing a southwest Atlanta legislator of sexual misconduct now admits he has no proof.

Jermaine Callahan confirmed he wrote the email accusing State Rep. Rashad Taylor, D-southwest Atlanta, of trading state funds and lobbyist gifts for sexual favors from men. But, Callahan later admitted he had no direct evidence of the misconduct and was only repeating secondhand stories.

The email did prompt Taylor to hold a news conference confirming he is gay.

"I am a gay man," said Taylor. "This is not the way I wanted to come out, but I feel lucky for all the support from those who are closest to me."

Taylor said Callahan was his boyfriend's former partner and may have had an ulterior motive for sending the emails.

"The gentleman who wrote the email was the former partner of the person I'm now seeing," said Taylor. "He hoped he would humiliate and embarrass me by sending this email."

I'm glad Rashad came out, honestly I wish he did it earlier, but he's out now. However, I'm totally upset at the bitchiness of Jermaine Callahan. This behavior is unacceptable and damaging to our community. You should be ashamed of yourself. This ain't Dynasty and you ain't Alexis.

Grow up, Jermaine! Grow up!



luciferosirisarnold said...

Power and young men ????

Mad Professah said...

Georgia: race, sexuality, religion and closets!!

luciferosirisarnold said...


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