Monday, May 30, 2011

The Log Cabin Republicans' Goal is to get rid of Obama

Bob Kabel

These fools are a double dipped mess. The LCR claim that their main goal is to oust Obama in 2012. As if any of their candidates we will be their best buddy in the next four years.

Raw Story has the scoop
Despite the fact that Obama pushed for a repeal of the controversial military policy known as "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and ordered the U.S. Justice Department to stop defending a key section of the Defense of Marriage Act, former LCR national board chairman Bob Kabel told Newsmax the president was "a real disappointment."

“I, frankly, was one who really believed that perhaps we were at a moment in history where his sort of optimism and sort of self-stated ability to bring people together would actually make a difference," he said. 

"But what we've seen in the execution during his administration has really been very disappointing – it's actually the opposite. He's extraordinarily partisan, he's extraordinarily liberal, he's really made very little effort, if any, to bring certainly Republicans and more conservative people together to resolve the nation's issues."

Kabel warned that the Republican Party needed to avoid social issues and instead focus on the economy if they wanted to defeat Obama in 2012.
Well guess what, Bob? The GOP is going head on with social issues this year. Maybe if you and your confused pals get a clue, you will realize that Obama is your best bet. Their cause just don't make sense. They want to defeat Obama so they can have a bigot in the White House?

Stop smoking crack, LCR!


luciferosirisarnold said...

Thank God for history because when things get ruff and folks get tired of all BS they can hunt down CS like this and do away with them how ever they see fit.

The Commish said...

Wonder Man, if the only thing we cared about were gay issues, then you may have a point.


The Commish said...

Wonder Man, if we only cared about gay issues, you may have a point.


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