Monday, May 30, 2011

Who Wants to See Hawkman the Movie? (I'm not raising my Hand)

What in the Florence Jean Castleberry is this?

I heard about it before, but I didn't think they were serious. Bleeding Cool found this bit of info about a Hawkman film.
Warner Bros. are in the process of hiring writers for a Hawkman movie, but already have their most basic of basic pitches for the film in place. All this just when we’d been asking “When will Hawkman get his movie?”
Here’s the published logline:
Part INDIANA JONES/DA VINCI CODE, part GHOST tentpole about the fictional superhero that appears in D.C. Comic books. He used archaic weaponry and large, artificial wings attached to a harness made of the Nth metal that allows flight. Most incarnations of Hawkman work closely with a partner/romantic interest named Hawkgirl or Hawkwoman in his fight against supervillains. Based on the DC comic.
Umm, okay. I'm not sure if a Hawkman movie would make money. WB should have learned their lesson from making Jonah Hex (horrid). Just make an epic Wonder Woman flick and call it a day.


reggie said...

I remember the HAWKMAN comics weren't so interesting.

XandGunn said...

I would totally go see a Hawkman movie, but you are right. Even though I would move to see it, it wouldn't make that much money, unless they could get some big names in it.

Daij said...


behrmark said...

Aw come on! He's the only shirtless superhero! That's bound to make tons of money. Right? Right?

Ian said...

I don't think Hawkman would carry enough interest, but then again you never know. All I can say is I'm getting tired of the Superhero movies.

WilsonW said...

I'm not really interested in a Hawkman movie. To be honest, they may have an easier sell with HawkGirl, since she's the character more kids are knowledgable of.(JL, JLU) But, hey, I didn't think Thor could carry a movie either. I say if they are slipping to B list I'd rather see Static or Black Lightning. (Prefer Static) heck even Aquaman!

luciferosirisarnold said...

Since these movies seem to have a following maybe some of us will start looking like what we see. I'm down with that.

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